How to make flash cards yourself?

How to create a flash card yourself

Adobe Flash Professional

This program is a very powerful tool for working with animation and vector graphics. With the help of Adobe Flash Professional create flash-games, all sorts of banners (with or without sound), websites, menus, etc. However, like all professional programs, it must be closely studied to get the results of work. Save the situation can video tutorials, which today is very much on the Internet.
It is not possible to describe in detail the whole process of creating a postcard in this program, so let's consider only general principles. By installing and running Adobe Flash Professional, create a new, clean document. To do this, on the launch pad, find the item “Create New”, select, for example, ActionScript 3.0 or simply Flash Project.
Pay attention to the toolbar on the right. There are all sorts of figures, brushes and lines - it is with the help of them that you have to draw a picture. On the stage, which is in the middle, all the work will take place, place the lines, the figures here and draw with a brush to create a drawing. At the top right there is the “Library” menu (LIBRARY), here you can create “symbols”.Part of the picture can be placed into a symbol, and a breakdown into several symbols is necessary so that later you can easily animate the picture.
Pay attention to the lower middle part of the program. Here is the TIMELINE, or in other words, the animation panel. From left to right, you can draw frames, from top to bottom add all new and new layers to the scene. Each new layer can be renamed, hidden, put a “lock” on it, so as not to accidentally spoil it when working with another part of the drawing. Take the first frame on TIMELINE, draw what you need, then select the second frame, draw again. Act until you end up with an animation.
Using the File menu item, you can save the result in a Flash movie with the required format. Be sure to study a few video tutorials for sure to understand the principle of work in this program. At a minimum, you need to be well aware of the entire interface and animation methods, of which there are also several types.

Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker

If there is no desire to understand complex programs, and you need to quickly make something bright and interesting, then use Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker. There is already a blank card, you can change the background, text, the way to display text, choose from the list of blank animations and some effects.
There are quite a lot of presets and templates, and if you wish, you can concoct something merry in a hurry. You can additionally insert audio files and active text links into the animation. You will find everything you need to work in the program menu, which is located on the left side of the program.

Sothink SWF Easy

This program is a cross between a Adobe Flash Pro and Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker. There are many presets and templates that you can use to create something truly professional looking. At the same time, huge knowledge is not required, everything is quite intuitive.
There is a certain “timeline” on which all actions of the “artist” are recorded. Something the principle of work in this program looks like a job in the usual video editor. If you still have difficulties, you can easily find training videos on YouTube. After viewing them, even a child will deal with the program.

Video: How I Make My Flashcards

How to make "Home-made" flashcards!
How to create a flash card yourself

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How to create a flash card yourself

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