How to find clipboard on any phones.

How to copy to clipboard

Copy to clipboardexchangecan be done in several ways. The first of them: select an object or the desired text fragment, then click on it with the right mouse button, select Cut in the context menu that appears to move the object or fragment (the original file or text will disappear from its previous location), or Copy. for subsequent copying (the original file or text will remain in the same place). After that, paste the copied file in the right place by clicking in the corresponding window with the right mouse button and selecting the "Paste" command. If the text was copied, paste it in the right place in the corresponding document in the same way.
Another way to copy to clipboardexchangeis the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Click them, pre-selecting a file or a piece of text. The analogue of the "Cut" command is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X. Now, to paste copied elements, go to the desired location on the hard disk or external storage, or, if it is a piece of text, in the desired part of the document window, and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. As in the first method, if the Ctrl + X (Cut) combination was used, the original file or text will disappear from its previous location, and if Ctrl + C (Copy), it will remain in the same place.
The third way, like the second, is to use a keyboard shortcut.

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Clipboard On Android
How to copy to clipboard

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