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How to cook a salad with chips and crab sticks

A classic salad with crab sticks and chips is an original appetizer on a festive table. The trick of its delicate flavor lies in the successful combination of soft products and spicy crispy potato chips. If you also turn on the fantasy and it is interesting to arrange it, then such an appetizer will perfectly decorate both an adult and a children's party.

Required Products:

  • 200 grams of crab sticks;
  • 3-4 pieces of medium homemade tomatoes;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 75-100 grams of chips;
  • 100 grams of hard cheese;
  • light mayonnaise or sour cream to taste;
  • dill, green onions, olives for decoration.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Boil eggs for 7-10 minutes to boil yolk. Pour with cold water and leave for 5 minutes. When the eggs have cooled, the shells will be easily removed. Then chop the eggs into small cubes.
  2. Crab sticks free from packaging and grind as well as eggs.
  3. It is better to use tomatoes that are not too ripe, in order to avoid excessive juice in a salad, for the same purpose they should not be chopped too small.If all the same you have juicy tomatoes at hand, then it’s better not to add a soft core to the salad, but to use its harder parts. In any case, this will not affect the overall picture and will not make the salad less tasty. For gourmets, it is recommended to pour boiling water over tomatoes in order to remove thin skin from the surface of the vegetable and chop it up in this form.
  4. Hard cheese grate on a medium grater.
  5. Greens are better washed and dried before we use it to decorate the finished snack. Olives are also recommended to get out of the jar or at least drain the juice from them, so as not to spoil the yellow surface of the salad with black drops.
  6. We collect our salad step by step: we lay out the crushed crab sticks on the bottom of a wide plate without sides and grease with mayonnaise. In order not to suffer, spreading the dressing with a spoon over the entire layer evenly, you can make a small hole on the package with mayonnaise and apply a thin mesh on the desired layers of lettuce. If you have a refill in canned packaging or you use sour cream / low-fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise, you can put it in a plastic bag by making a small hole in the corner.
  7. Then put the tomatoes. Salt and lubricate this layer is not necessary so that tomatoes do not let the extra juice.
  8. Add a layer of eggs, make mayonnaise mesh, salt.
  9. Next, lay out the grated cheese and cover the dressing.
  10. Chips are crushed with a rolling pin, you can pour them into a bag or cover them with cling film so that the crumbs do not fly apart in different directions. A few whole chips left on the petals to decorate our salad.
  11. Putting a layer of chips on a steeped layer of cheese.
  12. We make a sunflower out of our salad by placing whole sheets of chips in a circle of a plate - flower petals, and olives, cut along, will decorate the core of the sunflower. You can put them as shown in the photo below.

You can make mayonnaise cells and put an olive in each square.

Variants of crab sticks and chips salad design:

For those who like to fantasize and surprise their households or guests with an unusual decoration of a festive table, the salad can be made in the shapehedgehog.

Here olives are not useful, but the green onions or dill, washed and dried in advance, will fit perfectly to create a complete image of a hedgehog on the grass.For the implementation of this venture, you will need an oval plate, laying on which the layers of salad, you must adhere to the oblong shape of the body of the hedgehog.

Layers lay out in the same order as on the sunflower, just do not sprinkle at the end with a layer of chips and do not press them initially on small pieces. You should try to break the chips into a thin straw — an imitation of the animal's needles — and insert them vertically into the finished snack, leaving 1/3 of the salad free, which will be the head of our hedgehog. With your hands try to form an elongated muzzle and at the end put an olive - the nose of a hedgehog. Also do not forget about the eyes. If you chose green onions for decoration, then it should be finely chopped and sprinkled over the edges of the plate, if you have dill, you can use it. Dill must be divided into small twigs and put in a circle so that fragments of a white plate are not visible. Hedgehog ready.

Also a snack can be madeportion in the form of a cylinder.

To do this, you will need a glass without a bottom, or you can make a round form of soft cardboard, which, upon completion of laying out the layers, is simply removed and a salad in the shape of a cylinder is obtained.For decoration, you can also use greens, olives, currant sprig will look original on the heights of the resulting snack.

Another interesting design can beboats.

In this case, the salad is not required to be folded in layers. All the necessary ingredients are simply mixed in a salad bowl, dressed with mayonnaise, salted to taste, by the way, greens can be added immediately to the salad bowl, chips are crushed and also put to the other ingredients. On the whole chips carefully lay out the salad. In the center of the plate you can place a beautifully sliced ​​tomato, and in a circle lay out the finished boats and decorate with dill sprigs. The dish is ready.

Tip: It is advisable to spread the salad on the boats before serving on the table, so that the chips do not have time to soak in the dressing and stay crispy as long as possible.

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How to cook a salad with chips and crab sticks

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