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How to connect unlimited Internet Megaphone on phone, tablet, computer

How to connect the mobile Internet Megaphone on the phone

Connecting to unlimited Internet, if Megafon is your operator, is quite simple.

To determine the tariff, go to the website, select your region and find the description of tariff plans for unlimited Internet.

When choosing, be guided by the amount of traffic included in the package and the cost of the service. If you like to travel, then you should pay attention to the tariff valid throughout Russia, as well as options that allow you to go online abroad.

By choosing a tariff, you can make an online connection through your personal account, as well as using special commands. The combination of numbers you see next to the desired rate. It is also possible to send a message.

If you find it difficult to figure out how to connect an unlimited Internet Megaphone to your phone yourself, call the operator at the toll-free hotline number 0500 or contact your service office with your passport The company's specialists will help you with the selection and provision of access to services.

How to connect the Internet Megaphone on the tablet

If your tablet has the ability to install a SIM card, and you want to connect unlimited internet from Megaphone on it, you need to purchase a card in any communication salon and insert it into the device. As a rule, when selling a SIM card, salon employees connect the Internet on their own, but if this does not happen, you can do it using the methods described above.

If the tablet does not have a SIM card slot, but there is a USB port, you can connect via a modem. For this you need all that sim card with the Internet connected.

But even if you can not connect using USB or SIM card, do not despair. You can connect unlimited Internet Megaphone via wi-fi. To do this, you must enable the service on your mobile and make it a transmitting device.To do this, you need to enable the modem mode in the phone settings. The devices are connected via wireless wi-fi.

How to connect unlimited Internet from Megaphone to a computer or laptop

You can also connect the Internet to a computer or laptop using a USB modem with a Megaphone SIM card or via wi-fi from another device. Transmitting devices can be a phone, tablet or other laptop. Connection is made by the methods described above.

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How to connect unlimited Internet Megaphone on phone, tablet, computer

How to connect unlimited Internet Megaphone on phone, tablet, computer

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