Enable Nat and Routing in Windows XP

How to configure routing in XP

You will need
  • - Windows command console.
In the case of the Windows XP operating system, there are several methods for configuring routing. If your computer does not perform the functions of a server, but is only a client of the network, then no additional programs can be used to configure routes. First, specify the DNS server addresses and set the default gateway for the network adapter.
Open the Start menu and go to the Network Connections submenu. In the window that opens, select "Display all connections". Open the properties of the desired network adapter and highlight the "Internet Protocol TCP / IP". Click the "Properties" button.
After opening the new menu, fill in the fields “Main gateway” and “Preferred DNS server”. If you need to use two servers, then fill in the field "Alternative DNS-server." Click "Apply" and wait for the installation of new parameters for the network adapter.
If you need to specify several additional routes for a specific network card, then use the Windows command line. Open the Start menu and click Run.Type cmd and press Enter.
Perform cleanup of existing routing lists. Type route –f and press Enter. Restart the computer and re-open the command console.
Enter the route -p add IP1 IP1 command. In this case, IP1 is the address of the device to which the route is being laid, and IP2 is the address of your gateway. Re-entering the route –p add command with another IP2 will result in a new route. The old routing table will not be cleared. To reset the routing table, reissue the route –f command.


How to configure networking for Windows XP and Vista
How to configure routing in XP

how to configure tcp ip setting in Microsoft Window XP Professional very easy and simple way
How to configure routing in XP

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