See how grapes are dried to become raisins, ready to buy in the shops

How to choose raisins

You will need
  • - not transparent and not light raisins with stalks
Take shriveled, fleshy, dull berries without damage. Do not buy too hard or too soft raisins. Also, do not purchase undried, slightly moist. All this speaks of improper handling and storage of dried fruit; such raisins can quickly become worthless.
If you buy raisins on the market, toss a few berries and listen. Raisins should fall on a hard surface with a soft thud.
Feel the berries, ask the seller to crush one raisin in your fingers. To the touch you can determine whether there are insect larvae in the dried fruit.
The taste of raisins should be in one degree or another sweet, but not sour, and even more so without a burnt taste.
The presence of raisins tails speaks about the quality of the product. These berries have been minimally processed, and their integrity is not broken. But it is precisely from the place where there was a remote stalk that rot appears on the berry.

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How to choose raisins

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