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How to choose and buy burdock oil

Properties burdock oil

Burdock oil is very popular as a cosmetic. This unique product improves hair growth, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair from the inside, makes it smoother and more elastic.
Burdock oil contains a huge amount of valuable components. It consists of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals. Due to the action of these components, the hair structure is significantly improved.
This tool can be applied to the hair roots, along their entire length or only at their tips, depending on the task. After applying burdock oil you need to cover your head with cellophane and wrap a warm towel. It is recommended to wash the product off the hair in 30-40 minutes. Before use, the oil can be slightly heated to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

Rules for choosing burdock oil

Burdock oil can be easily made at home.To do this, it is necessary to insist burdock root on any vegetable oil. But modern women prefer to still buy the finished product, as the store oil is represented in all its diversity.
When choosing this cosmetic, you must first pay attention to its composition. Preference should be given to those products whose list of ingredients is not too large. Burdock root oil extract should be located at the very top of the list.
On the label must be written the name of the oil, which insisted burdock root. The highest quality products are made on the basis of olive and almond oils. Rapeseed and soybean oils are less beneficial and less effective.
The composition of burdock oil industrial production can be added vitamins, pepper extract and other useful components that only increase the effectiveness of the tool. But in this case it is necessary to take into account that such products, as a rule, are more expensive. The colorful packaging also increases the price.
Choosing the oil in the store, you need to give preference to the product with a fresh production date.Oils tend to be rancid very quickly, especially if cosmetic products are kept in the light. By the end of the shelf life of the product, many of the beneficial substances in its composition, lose their healing power.
When choosing a hair care product, you should give preference to the product that is packaged in a bottle of opaque glass or darkened polymer material. This type of packaging significantly increases the shelf life of the oil.

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How to choose and buy burdock oil

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