How to Select a Hockey Helmet

How to choose a hockey helmet

When choosing a helmet, pay attention to its weight (it should not be heavy). In addition, the helmet must have high-quality fasteners. On the inner side of this protective element there is a gasket that softens the force of impact. Much depends on the age of the player: for example, for juniors (that is, under 18 years old) there are helmets with a so-called visor, which is made of metal. Those athletes who have reached the age of 18 can play with the usual plastic visor.
The choice of all hockey equipment, including a helmet, is an individual matter. In this case, much will depend on the shape of the head. As a rule, all commercially available protective equipment is indicated by three main dimensions. There are also two additional ones. Before buying a helmet is better to pre-measure the circumference of the head. S size corresponds to 52-57 cm, M - 55-60 cm and L - 58-63 cm. Two additional sizes: XS up to 55 cm in girth, and XL - 62-65 cm.Please note that depending on the manufacturer, these dimensions may differ (although the difference will not be very significant). All the helmets for picking are also divided into groups: with a metal grille, with a plastic “visor”, and also not having the first or second.
After you find the right size, try on a helmet. Before that, it is better to loosen the adjustment screws, stretch the product wider and then put it on. Now fasten the screws and evaluate the result. You should be as comfortable as possible: in no case should the helmet put pressure on your head. All that is needed is for him to sit tight.

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How to properly fit your hockey helmet: Pro Hockey Life
How to choose a hockey helmet

How To Fit a Hockey Helmet (7 Steps)
How to choose a hockey helmet

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