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How to choose a coat

Spring coat today can be found in the wardrobe of any modern woman. Properly chosen coat can warm both in cool evenings and emphasize female attractiveness. At the same time, it is clear that not every model can advantageously set off the dignity of the figure, and therefore it is worthwhile to approach the choice of a female coat very carefully.
What should be guided when choosing?
1. On the features of your figure
2. To your style, wardrobe
3. The ratio of price and quality.
Let's start in order ...
Women's coats and body type
If you are the owner of the figure "Triangle" (wide hips and narrow shoulders), then you need to balance the proportions, focusing on the shoulders.

An excellent choice would be models with a voluminous, wide collar, spacious sleeves. You can look at the models, the upper part of which is decorated with large, bright appliqués. As for the length, you should not choose too long or too short models - the length to the knee will be optimal.Highlight the waist with an elegant belt.
If, on the contrary, you have wide shoulders and narrow hips (“Inverted Triangle”), then you should focus on the lower part of the body, on the waist.

A flared coat with flared folds would be a good choice, but the collar should not be too noticeable.

If you have a “Rectangle” figure (shoulders and hips are about the same), then with the help of a coat you can emphasize the smooth curves of your body.

Pay attention to asymmetric models, coats with overlaid elements, belts and so on. As for the length, it is better to choose either short models or to the knee.
If you have a wide waist combined with narrow shoulders and hips (“Oval” type of figure), you should try to visually lengthen the figure. With the help of a coat, you need to focus on either the cleavage or feet. With the belt, you can visually narrow the waist. But models with volumetric trim in the belt, with patch pockets, large shoulders should be abandoned.
Happy owners of an hourglass figure can afford to experiment.In proportion to the folded figure "to the face" will be almost all models.
Women's coats and style
Classic. Classic models are a win-win. And very practical - you will be able to put on this coat next spring as well, and you will feel confident in it. The model will look great with women's strict trousers or a pencil skirt, an elegant blouse. Gloves, cap, handbag adequately complete the image.
Airiness A woman must be mysterious, easy. Women's coats offered in spring 2014 by designers allow you to create much-needed lightness. Short models, decorated with cute and original accessories (flounces, large buttons, bright pockets) - the hit of the season.
Masculinity or femininity?

Coats for women of male cut, which season is already popular, and this spring is no exception. What's the secret? The fact that the male cut is more clearly underlines the fragility of the female figure. Designers achieve the desired effect with a stand-up collar, golden buttons, patch pockets, lapels and so on.

Popular in the spring of 2014 and female models in retro style - pay attention to the coat in the form of a trapeze, cocoon, models with short sleeves.But for such models you need to very carefully select accessories - it can be a designer bag, long gloves and so on.
Value for money
So, in the spring of 2014 designers can please us? In fact, a lot of things - on the website women's coats are presented with a huge selection, so
even the most extraordinary representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to choose for themselves the suitable option.
In this case, you should not pay attention to synthetic models, since such coats will not warm you in cold weather, it is better to give preference to natural materials - mohair, cashmere, camel wool, llama and so on. The coat of such materials for a long time retains its shape, attractive appearance, are distinguished by the convenience of wearing.

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How to choose a coat

How To: Choose Your Winter Coat
How to choose a coat

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