How to Change Your Oil (COMPLETE Guide)

How to change the oil in the automatic transmission in the car Nissan

You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - capacity for waste oil;
  • - a key for a drain stopper.
Warm up the engine immediately before changing the oil tobutterin full and as quickly as possible merged. Upon completion of this action, drive the car on a ramp or in the garage with a viewing pit. Traffic jam that is onbutterfiller cap, must be removed.
After that, take a look at the bottom of the front of your car. On the inside of one of the wheels, find a small hatch. Also find the drain plug, which is located in the crankcase area. To collect wastebutter, substitute the bottle, bucket, old pan and unscrew the drain plug. Can not mergebutterto the ground. Carefully remove the access door by disconnecting the attachment caps.
Find the pulleys and the oil filter, which are located in the niche under the hatch, and take to turn the filter.Do this so as not to get dirty.butterm no clothes, no pulleys. When workedbutterwill be completely drained, wipe clean the seatbutterfilter. After that, install a new oil filter (this should be done at every oil change).
Lubricate the filter gasket with fresh motor oil.butterm to install a newbutterfilter, and screw the filter element with a torque of 15-20 Nm. Clean the drain plug from plaque, then replace the old used ring with a new one. If you do not have with you a new copper ring, use the old one, pre-heating it and cooling it in cold water. Wrap the plug with a force of 30-40 Nm.
Fill the newbutteratbutterfill the neck and check the probe level. Start the engine and check the oil pressure sensors. If necessary, add to the desired level. Then put the hatch in place and wrap the cork.

Video: How to Change the Oil in Your Car (the Right Way)

How to Change your Oil in less than 5min
How to change the oil in the automatic transmission in the car Nissan

How to Change the Oil on a Lamborghini Huracan | 4K
How to change the oil in the automatic transmission in the car Nissan

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