How to Replace Front Brakes, Pads and Rotors

How to change brake pads

Using a brush, clean the surface of the brake caliper and inspect it. Some manufacturers install a special spring in the caliper mounting system that prevents the pads from “hanging out” in the caliper. If there is such a spring, release it. Then unscrew the bolt (or bolts) of the caliper and take the caliper to the side.
Now you can remove the brake pads and open the hood of the car to remove some brake fluid from the reservoir, so that when the brake cylinders are compressed, after installing new pads, the fluid will not squeeze out. This can be done with a syringe with a volume of 50-100ml. After installing all the brake pads, the fluid must be poured back into the tank.
Now insert the new brake pads, pre-lubricating the landing site with graphite grease. In order to insert the pads, you will need to press the piston of the caliper with a large flat screwdriver until it snaps into place. Insert new pads, clamp the spring and reassemble the caliper in the reverse order, not forgetting to tighten the bolt (or bolts) of the caliper mounting.
Replace the wheel, remembering to carefully tighten all the nuts (or studs). After the entire procedure for replacing the remaining brake pads is left behind, pour brake fluid back into the reservoir. Now it is extremely important to get into the car, and press the brake a few times, until the pedal is stiff. So you eliminate the space formed in the process of replacing the pads between the pads, brake disc and caliper piston.

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How to Replace Your Car's Brake Pads
How to change brake pads

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