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How to calculate excess weight

Do not be scared ahead of time. Your desire to have a perfect figure is completely understandable. But maybe you are just exaggerating your problem a little. And before you struggle with excess weight, you should make sure that these kilograms are not the subject of your imagination.
How to calculate the extra weight? You can experience the easiest way. Measure the width of the crease on your abdomen. The norm for a woman is a thickness of no more than 2–4 cm. For men, this indicator is 1–2 cm. One can speak about obesity only if the figure is 5 cm higher.
Take your height and subtract one hundred from him. The resulting figure is equal to your ideal weight. But it is worth considering that it works only for people of medium height. If your figure has pronounced features - a very tall, thin bone, pumped muscles, it is better to use the calculation of BMI.
BMI is the body mass index. How to calculate the excess weight for this system. Very simple! Square your height and divide your weight by the resulting figure.The result will be your BMI. If you are a woman of graceful body, with a thin bone, then the ideal BMI for you will be 19-20. For a woman of average build, this figure will be 21-22. Well, if you are distinguished by a tightly knit figure, with a rather wide bone, then the BMI for you will be 23-24. If, after the calculation, you make sure that your BMI is in the range from 19 to 24, then there is no reason for panic.

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How to calculate excess weight

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