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How to build a plot of the moment

You will need
  • notebook, pen, pencil, calculator, ruler
Determine the type of system you are considering. Most often it can be a frame, a truss or a beam. These structures are flat or spatial core systems, all of whose elements are interconnected in nodes (rigidly or hinges).
Now determine the type of support fastening structure (connection). The system may have a pivotally-movable support, a pivotally-fixed support and a rigid clamping (termination). The number of reactions (R) in the system will depend on the type of bonds you have. For example, in a pivotally movable support, only one support reaction arises, directed perpendicular to the support plane. In a pivotally-fixed support two reactions occur: vertical and horizontal. And in the hard termination, there is also a supporting (reactive) moment.
Calculate the reactions of the supports. For cantilever beams, the reaction of supports arising in a rigid seal can be omitted.For other cases, use the two basic equations of statics. The sum of all forces and reactions acting on the system, as well as the sum of moments (caused by these forces and reactions) must be equal to zero.
Mark characteristic sections (break into sections) and determine in them the transverse forces. Be sure to buildplotshear forces (Qy). With its help, you can check the correctness of the plot of moments.
Now, in the same selected sections, determine the bending moments. The bending moment in a characteristic section is determined by the following formula: MX = R * a + (q * x ^ 2) / 2 + M0.
Where R is the support reaction; and - her shoulder; q - load;
According to the data obtained, construct plots of shear forces and bending moments. Remember that the order of the line on the Mx plot is always one more than on the Qy plot.

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How to build a plot of the moment

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