Primitive Tool : Build Underground House

How to build a house from the bottle

The first thing you need to get the material - a lotbottles. In this case, the shape and size can be any. So for the construction of a single-storeyhouseand the average size you can take about five or even eight thousandbottles. Fill each of them with dry sand completely, periodically ramming it, close it with a lid and proceed to laying this improvised “brick”. Seal the bottle should be a solution made from sawdust, clay, earth and cement. You need to take a little bit of this for an extra bunch.
Start with the columns. You can make them arbitrarily, but not less than three. Then dig a well of round shape and a diameter of 60-100 cm for the foundation. The diameter of the pit must be at least 20 cm larger than the diameter of the support.
Insert reinforcement under the column in the center of the foundation. Then put 10-11 around it.bottles. First, the bottle is placed on the concrete cushion neck in the center of the valve. A twist or knot is made by twine around the neck of the bottle.Consider this point: the covers of neighboringbottlesmust necessarily touch each other. Put the rest of the bottles in the same way. The first round is ready.
Gaps betweenbottlespour the concrete, then wait a few hours until the cement has passed. Now you can continue to work on the column. It is possible between the bottles during the construction of supports to lay fragments of bricks or other construction debris. Having erected all the columns, let the cement settle again. After that, the columns can be covered with plaster.
The next step is walling. Just before that, you should already have a ready foundation. The wider it is, the better. When building walls, bottles are placed on the solution mentioned above. You can use ordinary concrete. So that you do not have any problems with interior decorationhouseand, leave the neck outside. Build walls, tie the neckbottleswire or twine. So you get some kind of crates, which will be easy to install some finishing material. Next, the walls are plastered outside and inside.
The roof is built like a brick roofhousea. Supports are erected as well.Only instead of tiles or slate you will use all the same bottles. Having made the roof, you will only have to make a fine finish.housea.

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How to build a house from the bottle

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