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How to build a corset

Decide on the era. At different times, the corsets had completely different forms of both the whole silhouette and the neckline in particular. For example, to build a corset "under the chest", take the following measurements: girth under the chest, waist girth, girth of the lower part of the corset (hips, if it is up to the hips), length from point under the chest to the bottom of the corset (for example, thighs). Write down all measurements.
Draw a sketch of the corset. Carefully consider all the decorative elements, the location of the lacing, the number of bones. Remember: if you do not need to seriously adjust the figure, 10-12 pips are enough. Significant flaws are diminished by a large (up to 16) number of bones.
Cut out two details of the corset on the lining fabric and the main one. Two quadrilaterals with a pair of parallel sides and a concave pair will be obtained. Cut the base and lining fabric on three sides with the front sides inward, then turn out and sew the last side.
Place the drawers for stones in accordance with the sketch at an equal distance from each other. Stitch them, insert the bones.Decorate the decorative elements, the edges of the corset, attach the loops for lacing, insert the cord.

Video: Ep 2. Sewing Diary - Making a Corset, Day 1

DIY Corset | How to SEW a CORSET? Corset sewing tutorials
How to build a corset

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