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How to be energetic in 2019

Breath. Some yoga techniques can be successfully applied to everyday life. Breathing exercises have a special effect. Some of its techniques are aimed at activating the human nerve centers. For example, the breathing technique, consisting of a series of short and sharp exhalations, helps to stabilize your mental state and relax without any energetics.
Reasonable physical exertion. Not very tempting sounds, does not work flawlessly. Constant physical exercise improves health, raise the tone due to the rush of blood to the most important muscles of the organs. Increased composure, energy and ability to work.
Reflections. Yes exactly! The fact is that of us, tension and anxiety constantly suck in energy, plunging us into everyday stresses. This technique helps a lot: close your eyes, let your thoughts flow erratically. This principle underlies the best means.relaxation - meditation. Your mental energy is released, tension is relieved, the nervous system is balanced. As a result, you have a surge of strength and calm.
Sleep. The main way to cope with fatigue and stress, inherent in us by nature itself. At night, many restorative processes occur in the dream. On the eve of an important exam or working day, you should not sit half the night and get ready. In the morning you will be broken and you will not be able to use your knowledge. Sleep as much as you need. Less you can not sleep - will be lethargic and irritable. What is most interesting, if you sleep more than normal, again you will be lethargic and irritable.
Good music can charge a person not only during workouts or walks, but even during work. The effectiveness of listening to music has been proven by many successful experiments.

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How to be energetic in 2019

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