Gluten-free Buckwheat Loaf Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

How to bake buckwheat bread in the oven

You will need
  • - 50 grams of buckwheat flour,
  • - 200 grams of wheat flour,
  • - 150 ml of serum or water,
  • - 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil,
  • - 1 tsp sugar,
  • - 0.25 tsp of salt,
  • - 25 grams of walnuts,
  • - 8 grams of pressed yeast or 1 tsp with a hill of dry yeast.
Combine warm whey with yeast, sugar and salt, mix well. Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, stir.
Sift two kinds of flour and add it in small portions to the liquid mass, knead the dough. Roll a smooth ball, put it in a bowl and leave for an hour warm. During this time, the dough will rise.
Chop the nuts in any convenient way and mix with the dough. Leave for ten minutes.
Ten minutes later, form a loaf of dough, which shift to a baking sheet. Leave for half an hour. If there is a desire, then make several cuts from above for beauty.
Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Put a baking tray with bread in the middle of the oven. At the bottom put a pan with hot water.Bake bread this way for 15 minutes. Then remove the pan with water, and reduce the temperature to 170 degrees. Bake another 20 minutes. Cool the prepared bread and serve it on the table.

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How to Make Fermented Buckwheat Bread
How to bake buckwheat bread in the oven

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How to bake buckwheat bread in the oven

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