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How to arrange a bar counter

Check out the barrackYou can in the classical style - in the form of a high table top, located 110-115 cm from the floor. You can install it on the bar consoles, one of which will be the length from the ceiling to the floor. It can accommodate a decorative lamp, fruit baskets. Next to the bar stand, put a few high chairs with armrests - and you will spend time with complete comfort.
Combine the barrackwith a dining table. In this form, its height will be the same as that of the table - 90 cm. In this embodiment, you can equip it with a pair of comfortable chairs that you can sit on while working in the kitchen.
A combined bar counter, made in two levels, will look stylish - its upper part will serve as a stand, and the lower one can be used as a dining table. This is a functional option that can be used in the studio, for visual differentiation of the living room and kitchen. In this case, the low part of the rack will be located in the kitchen, and the top - in the living room.
If your kitchen area allows, barrackcan be installed in its center.This option designers called the "island". Here you can combine a small sink and hob. This is an excellent option, suitable for those who love to cook, stimulating themselves with a glass of alcohol.
You can also select a separate corner in the kitchen to place a full bar in it.

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How to arrange a bar counter

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How to arrange a bar counter

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