How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

How to apply for work with a residence permit

You will need
  • copy of residence permit in the Russian Federation
Sign an employment contract when applying for a job with an employee. As a rule, a contract of an urgent type is concluded, and then it can be renewed as required. Such a measure is acceptable because it protects the employer from unscrupulous workers who can disappear at any minute. A residence permit does not constitute a ground for refusing to apply for a job. This is an official document confirming your location at the actual address at which you do not have a passport. If an employee has submitted a workbook of a sample of the USSR in which all entries are in Russian, then it is allowed to continue to keep it, otherwise it is not provided. Personnel personnel according to the requirements of Art. 66 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation must issue a new labor document (book).
Ask for a passport, as without a passport official registration is not provided.Let the applicant go to the passport office to issue a certificate of the established sample, the content of which confirms that there is indeed a person with his account details at a certain address. This document can be received within seven calendar days on the basis of a written application addressed to the head of the relevant passport office.
Require a certificate issued by the tax authority for assigning a taxpayer identification number when applying for a job. If this document is not available, the applicant may receive it within 7 days when applying to the tax inspectorate at the place of stay.

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How to apply for work with a residence permit

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How to apply for work with a residence permit

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