Cream to Powder Foundation

How to apply cream powder

The first thing you need to cleanse your skin with a special tool suitable for your skin type. Not recommended to apply the creampowderon the skin with very wide pores. It will give them even greater relief.
Apply on the face moisturizer, blot the excess with a damp cloth. Wait 5-10 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed.
Put on a special bandage or scarf to maximize open face. Make sure that the place where you apply makeup, was the most illuminated. Do not put the creampowderaround the neck and neckline, if you are not going to spend the whole day in an open dress.
Apply creampowderin small portions. It is better to first drop the tone on the back of the hand and distribute it with your fingertips or sponge. Align the tone of the cream powder with a touch of your skin. Movement during application should be light, airy, as if smoothing.
First, apply the tool in the middle of the forehead, then lightly circularly hammer in the entire surface of the forehead, up to the hair. Here, shade it very carefully.
Spread the cream in the same way.powderfrom the temple down. Next cheeks, here the movement should be directed towards the ears. Gently, in small portions, from the eyelids to the eyebrows and under the eyes. Apply eye creampowderrecommended brush - it will provide a natural distribution, up to the eyelashes. To make the cream powder more durable, powder the face with a crumbly powder, having watered the skin with thermal water.
Applying a small amount to the wings of the nose, spread it over the entire surface of the nose. Carefully consider the result of work in the mirror. Detected irregularities can be shaded sponge.
CreampowderIt is necessary to wash off before bedtime using special cleansers.

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How to Apply Compact Powder on Face (Hindi)
How to apply cream powder

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