How to add text to a PDF file.

How to add text to pdf

You will need
  • Foxit PhantomPDF application.
Choose the most suitable application for editing documents in pdf format. This may be one of the products of Adobe - the developer of this format - or any third-party editor. Recently, fame has acquired a line of applications for working with pdf-documents from the company Foxit Corporation. You can select and download one of its programs on the manufacturer’s website -
After installing the application, open in it the document to which you want to addtext. This can be done by double clicking on the document file or through a standard dialog. This dialog is called by pressing the "hot keys" Ctrl + O or by selecting the "Open" item in the "File" section of the program menu.
Scroll through the document to the page you want to add.text, and expand the "Comments" in the editor menu. This can be done either by clicking the mouse or by successively pressing the Alt and C keys. Go to the "Location" subsection.texta ”(W key) and select“ Typewriter Tool ”(T key). Then click the page with the mouse and start typingtext. Its precise positioning relative to the original.textand at this stage is not required.
After completing the set, select a convenient location for this additional piece. To do this, move the mouse over the frametexta and move it with the left button to the right place.
Use the controls at the top of the program window to change the typeface of the added font.textand, its size, color, center, right or left. In addition to these standard fortextThere are newer tool editors here and those that are more often used to work withtextom in graphic editors - change the spacing between letters, scaling vertically and horizontally.
Save the edited document - for this, in the “File” section of the editor’s menu, use the “Save” and “Save As” items. They cause the standard dialogue used in most editors, so they are unlikely to raise any questions.

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How to Add Text to a PDF File
How to add text to pdf

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