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How much will a trip to America cost

Major expense items while traveling in America

A visa is the first thing to spend money on. The amount of visa fees may vary depending on the decisions of US officials, and if you do a visa through an agency, then this amount increases. It is recommended to clarify this point yourself.
Essential expense for travel to America - a plane ticket. If you are planning a trip in advance, you can find a cheaper option. Usually the price of air travel back and forth per person is about $ 1000. It is often cheaper to buy the cheapest ticket to a large city, and there you can get to the place you need using domestic flights, as there are many low-cost airlines flying around America.
Living in America. The cost of hotels usually ranges from $ 40 to $ 100 per day for ordinary rooms without excesses. Here the rule works: the smaller the city, the cheaper the hotels are in it.
Moving within the country. Usually a trip to America is planned as a small expedition. Since the country is very different, it is more interesting to go round it, and not to sit in the same city. In this case, the easiest way to rent a car. The longer the lease term, the more profitable this decision will be. A car for a month will cost you $ 600-1,000, depending on insurance, car type and rental location. Gasoline will also be an expense item, but not too substantial: fuel prices in America are about the same as in Russia. But remember that in the US there are many toll roads.In any case, it is recommended to budget 20-30% of the resulting amount of money in reserve.
You can also travel around the country on airplanes or buses. Buses are considered the cheapest transport, but a rented car is still often more profitable. The rail service in the US is not very developed.
Nutrition is also not the most significant part of the budget. The amount depends on your appetites and demands. Usually, food costs about $ 20 per person per day. In large cities, this amount increases, in small decreases.
Be sure to add about $ 300-500 per month for visiting attractions and entertainment.

How to save money

The first rule of an economical traveler: avoid the tourist season.
It is profitable to travel around America in a company of 2-4 people. So the cost of the car and the hotel for each participant travel is greatly reduced.
If you travel by car, try not to sleep in cities. Suburban motels or campgrounds will cost you half the price. Refueling is also better in the suburbs, gasoline is cheaper there.If you are planning a really long journey, then take care of good insurance: medicine in the States is expensive.
The prices in restaurants for food vary depending on the time of day. In the evening, food is more expensive.
Be careful when parking. Many parking lots are paid, and there are places where parking is completely prohibited. In cities, choose big stores or restaurants, the same McDonalds usually suits, as there is often a lot of free parking.
You go to information centers, usually they are called Travel centers or Visitor centers. Employees will tell you how to save on travel, recommend cheap tickets.Information center services are free.
Try not to violate the rules of the road, as fines in America will cost you a considerable amount.

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How much will a trip to America cost

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