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How do first and last names lean

Surnames and first names constitute a separate system in any language and bend in accordance with the rules. Thus, Russian names are changed according to the cases in accordance with the rules of the inflection of the Russian language: Ivan - Ivan (a), Anton - Anton (a), Elena - Helen (s), Natalia - Natal (and) and so on. Foreign names that fall into the Russian name-formation system are adapted to the rules of the Russian language - Ramil - Ramil (I), cf. Igor - Igor (I). The need to inject foreign names according to the rules of the Russian language arose in connection with the specifics of building connections in phrases, without which the true meaning of the sentence may be distorted. However, there are names that do not fall under the rules of the declination of the Russian language. These names include male and female foreign names ending in -o, -e, -y, -y, -y, -i, -e, -e, and combinations of two vowels, except for her, -th , Khos (e), Ignacy (o), Frans (va). If a masculine noun is used as a feminine name, then it is also not inclined - Brilliant (), Jasmine ().Female names of foreign origin that end in a firm consonant — Elizabeth (), Jacqueline (), Gretchen (), are not inclined.
The rules for declaring surnames are also based on the general rules for declining nouns. Most Russian surnames have the endings –ov / ev, –yn / in, –tsky / tskoy, –tsky / skoy. With the inclination of both female and male versions of the names of this type of difficulties there. Problems arise with surnames according to the type of endings similar to Belarusian surnames - -ich, with endings -ok, -uk and the like. In this case, there is a firm rule - if the carrier of the last name belongs to the male sex, then the last name is inclined according to the rules of the Russian language, in the female version the last name is not inclined - Ivan Kovalchuk (a), Darya Kovalchuk (). The same rule applies when declining foreign and Russian surnames ending in a consonant - Steven Spielberg (a), but Eleonora Spielberg (). In any gender affiliation, all Russian surnames of the second, - Valentina Sedykh (), Yuriy Malykhnykh (), and Ukrainian surnames in –to - Sergey Murashk (o), - Anna Murashk (o) are not inclined.
When declining surnames ending in -ok, -k, -ec, the problem arises not so much with the ending - everything is based on the principle of last names, ending in a consonant, as with a cursory vowel.How correctly - Alexander Bobok or Bobk? According to the rules, at the end of the –ok / ek the vowel sound is preserved, that is, it will be correct - Bobok, at the end –– the finger;

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How do first and last names lean

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