Children Of Bodom Holiday at Lake Bodom - 15 Years of Wasted Youth

Holidays with children on the lake

������Do you want to spend an unforgettable holiday with your children? There are a lot of options. You can choose a luxury resort on the coast with lots of attractions and entertainment, you can go to the northern latitudes and enjoy skiing and enjoy the mountain air and snow. But in order to have a good time with your own children and at the same time teach them something new, you should at least once arrange a rest on the lake.

�Many options for hanging out

If you need to find a budget holiday option, pay attention to the lake in Russia. For example, at Seliger, which is not so far from Moscow, quite a lot of tourists love to relax at any time of the year. Here is a wonderful nature: winding shores, pine forests and many clean lakes connected by canals. Children will certainly enjoy fishing, going to the forest for mushrooms and berries, and sitting in the evening by the fire. And lovers of more active recreation can ride a jet ski or catamaran, horseback riding or go on a trip.
On the shores of Lake Baikal there are many tourist bases and boarding houses. Children will remember for a lifetime the magnificent nature of these places and the amazing and majestic lake, which has no equal in the world. An unforgettable vacation can be a hike with tents or a cruise on a boat.
There are still many wondrous lakes in Russia where you can have a great rest with your whole family. Well, if the financial situation allows you to go on a longer journey, in Europe there are also many lakes where comfortable hotels will offer their services. Lake Garda in Italy, Lake Geneva in Switzerland, French - Bourget and Annecy ... The list is endless. At each such resort there is a huge amount of entertainment for every taste for both children and adults. Whichever option you choose, each has its own zest, the whole family will definitely be pleased.


Many lakes bring tourists not only the pleasure of natural beauty and relaxation, but also health benefits. After all, there is everything necessary for this: fresh air, healing waters, tranquility and tranquility ... And you can go to the Alpine lakes, where the air is saturated with ozone, helps to restore strength, strengthens the immune system and treats respiratory diseases.
Regardless of whether you choose to relax your native lakes or go to distant countries - return home refreshed, full of strength and health!

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LSU Men's Basketball visit children at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital for Holidays
Holidays with children on the lake

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