Tips on Talking to Your Parents About Your Mental Health

hello! My mom got into a psychiatric clinic
Hello! My mom got into a psychiatric clinic. She is now there. For many years she’s flooded the apartment with all sorts of rubbish. It took about a week to disassemble the apartment. a lot of books, They also had to be thrown away because they were also soaked with smells and dust what she needs and what not, she is very domineering and erudite a mistress ,,, authoritative and despotic, in childhood, I was very afraid of her ,,, she did a lot of nasty things to me, blamed only me for all my failures ((lately, I only heard from her about curses and what would I died (((I feel sorry for her, but now it is even sharper, I understand that there she is not sweet, but also with the child we cannot live in such a bog further, I think that she will come back to see all THIS cleanliness and order and absolutely herI will not feel bad, I will not be afraid of reproaches, screams and curses, but how and what she will do without her books, generally, I have porridge in my head ((on the one hand, common sense is correct, with another is a pity and a feeling of guilt that something had to be left ,,,, probably this is also called codependency? Help me figure it out in my head, Thanks in advance !!!

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Hello, My mom got into a psychiatric clinic

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