How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY

Headlight polishing

One of the most popular ways is to polish them in a technical center, in other words, in a car-care center. They use special tools for polishing. However, sometimes after the service, the lights for some reason acquire a yellowish tint. This is due to their overheating, when auto service wizards do not follow basic polishing techniques and overheat plastic headlights. The cost of this procedure is more than 1500 rubles.

This process can be carried out independently by applying a polish. For this procedure, you will need a granular material (ordinary sandpaper) to sand the surface of the headlamp. For the last polishing, use a soft cloth and directly polish itself. The amount of sanding before using the finishing polish depends on the degree of damage to the headlights. The cost of the procedure will depend on the price of polishes.

In fact, the cost of restoring the brightness of your headlights may be minimal. What's the secret? Plain toothpaste. True, there is a small chance of damaging the headlamp. Do not use whitening toothpaste,as from it there can be microscopic scratches.

Paste is applied with a soft cloth and rubbed in a circular motion. Then use the water to remove the remains of the paste and dirt. After all the steps, it is still possible to use a little polish. The cost of the procedure is approximately 50 rubles (the cost of toothpaste).

Video: Headlight Restoration using Toothpaste

Headlight Restoration - Wetsanding and Polishing HD
Headlight polishing

How To: Best Headlight Restoration Method - Chemical Guys Car Care
Headlight polishing

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