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Good and quality diapers

Good and quality diapers

For your child you always want all the best and good. A little newborn baby - even more so.
Just before the birth, I thought about buying diapers for a newborn. It was my first child, so I had no idea what good diapers should be. Watching the ad, acquired Pampers Premium Care.
Having used these diapers for several weeks, I can say that they have excellent quality. Diapers are very soft, gentle for baby's skin. They are thin, almost invisible under the sliders. One of the main advantages is that they let the air inside, the child’s ass doesn’t stop, is not annoyed.
There are no rezinochek on a back, but contents never followed, everything is absorbed in some fractions of a second. Inside the diapers, the upper layer is in the form of a mesh, this allows feces to remain in the diaper, rather than flow out. Elastic bands on the legs are soft and tight fitting the legs of the child.
One diaper Pampers Premium Care is enough for the whole night. In the morning, the sheet is always dry, and the diaper itself is slightly damp from the outside. My baby is comfortable in these diapers, he never cries if the diaper is full. A full diaper never hangs between the legs "bag", as some types of diapers of this company.
The only minus of diapers Pampers Premium Care is their price. For constant use, they are too expensive, so I put them on the child only at night and on long trips.
Do not leak.
Mesh layer.

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Good and quality diapers

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