Green Apple vs Red Apple, Which is Better for Your Health?

"Golden apples": the best varieties of yellow tomatoes

As with tomatoes of other colors, there are varieties of lettuce for use in the garden, suitable for canning and growing at home. It is possible to cultivate high indeterminate varieties in a greenhouse, medium-mature determinant varieties in open ground, and miniature varieties on a balcony.

Large-fruited varieties of yellow tomatoes

It is pleasant to pick an amber tomato from the bush, which can barely fit in your hands. The pulp of such tomatoes is sweet, sugary.

"Amana Orange"

Ripe fruit in this variety is yellow-orange. The average weight of such a tomato is 500 g, and the largest tomatoes can reach 800-1000 g.

The flesh is fleshy, the seeds are practically absent. It is tender, sweet and has notes of fruit aromas.

The height of the bush reaches a maximum of 2 m. The plant requires a garter, it must be stepson. It is better to form “Haman Orange” in one or two stalks.

"Altai Orange"

Another large-fruited tomato variety suitable for summer consumption.Formed tomatoes can reach 700 g, but mostly their weight is about 300 g. The flesh is tender, oily, excellent taste.

The bush grows in the range of 1.6-1.8 m. Usually it is formed into two stems, but if you need to achieve the formation of large fruits, then only one stem is left on the plant. On 1 square. m square is placed 3-4 bush.


The fruits of this tomato variety are more modest in size, their weight varies between 150-300 g. But these tomatoes are recommended for dietary and baby food, they have a beautiful lemon yellow color.

The variety is early ripe, suitable for open ground and for greenhouses. Shrubs grow to 2 m.

Yellow cherry tomatoes: description, characteristic

Such tomatoes like children. These tomatoes are good in salads, suitable for whole-canning.

"Honey drop"

No wonder this variety of tomatoes is so named. After all, its ripe fruits weighing 15-20 g of exactly this form and a rich yellow color. Their sweet taste is reminiscent of honey. The plants are indeterminate and can reach more than two meters in height. Therefore, they need to tie up, but there is no need for a pasynkovanie

This variety is high-yielding and has good disease resistance.

"Date yellow F1"

This hybrid is not for nothing called that way.After all, its ripe fruits, with their sweet taste and shape, resemble these southern fruits.

The variety is medium late, semi-determinant, grows up to 1.5 m. In each bunch 6-8 tomatoes are formed. Pasykut these bushes only to the first flower brush. Fruits are excellent for canning, for fresh consumption and tolerate transportation.

For those who prefer to engage in indoor gardening, the breeders have brought out dwarf varieties of tomatoes, which will also delight sunny-colored cherry tomatoes.

"Balcony yellow F1"

This hybrid was created specifically for cultivation on window sills and balconies. Bushes are small, grow in height only up to 15-20 cm. The variety is very early ripening, the first fruits ripen in 85 days after seed germination. Tomatoes reach a mass of 10-15 g, with good care the bush is completely covered with them.

You can grow "Balcony yellow F1" in flower pots, in drawers, and in hanging pots. Bushes do not need to form and pinch.

"Golden apples" universal purpose

These include yellow fruit tomatoes, which can be consumed fresh and canned.

"Lemon F1"

Mid-ripe hybrid, forms yellow tomatoes ovoid shape weighing 55-70 g. The fruits have a dense skin, therefore, are well suited for canning whole. Pulp of excellent taste, fragrant.

The plant is indeterminate, it can soar up to a height of 2 m. The producers of these seeds recommend limiting the growth of bushes by pinching over the fifth brush.

"Yellow F1 F1"

Ripe fruits have an elongated shape and yellow color. Therefore, remind peppers. The weight of tomatoes is in the range of 65-80 g. This hybrid is suitable for greenhouses, as it grows up to two meters.

Banana Feet F1

Another exotic hybrid. Its ripe fruits resemble bananas. Suitable for both greenhouses and open ground. This variety of American breeding has excellent disease resistance. The weight of tomatoes is 60-80 g. The fruits are not only of the original appearance, but also have an unusual citrus flavor for tomatoes.

Choose the varieties of yellow tomatoes that are right for you and grow them with pleasure!

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Golden apples: the best varieties of yellow tomatoes

Green Apple vs Red Apple, Which is Better for Your Health
Golden apples: the best varieties of yellow tomatoes

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