Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵)

Fish cake

You will need
  • - 400 g salted red fish;
  • - 400 g crab sticks;
  • - white bread for toast.
  • For impregnation sauce:
  • - 400 ml of mayonnaise;
  • - 400 g soft melted cheese;
  • - 2 boiled eggs.
Mix cheese and mayonnaise in a deep bowl.
Add the eggs, mashed with a fork, mix again.
Cut off the crust from the bun. Lay the first layer of bread in the form. Grease the resulting sauce.
Top with crab sticks, cut to your discretion.
Put another layer on the crab sticks, add the sauce, put the chopped salmon.
Put the bread in another layer, brush with mayonnaise sauce.

Video: Spiced Tuna Fishcakes - Gordon Ramsay

Thai Fish Cakes Recipe (Tod Mun Pla) ทอดมันปลา - Hot Thai Kitchen!
Fish Cake

Homemade Fishcakes Recipe - British Style
Fish Cake

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