How to Wear Jeans - Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Fashion trends of spring 2014

Pleated Skirts
The real hit of spring 2014 is the pleated skirt. They are sewn from thin and delicate fabrics, and the fine fold is aimed at emphasizing the dignity of the figure. The length of skirts can vary from mini to maxi, so thin girls and those who are not very happy with their figure can include them in their wardrobe. You can combine pleated skirts with jackets, turtlenecks, leather jackets of any color. From shoes to give preference to ballet shoes or pumps on a small heel.
Pastel colors in clothes
Spring mood is best to help create the appropriate colors. Pastel colors will turn business and serious women into romantic and dreamy persons. Flip flops and ruffles will make the image light and airy. You can combine colors with almost no limits, since they are in perfect harmony with each other - clothes of blue color can be complemented with cream shades, and emerald color will look great with pale pink.
Flower prints
For several seasons, the palm has already belonged to floral prints, because they are harbingers of spring and personify femininity. Properly chosen outfit with a floral pattern will suit almost any girl or woman. Modest wildflowers are suitable for dresses for every day, and for those who want to recreate an image from the 50s, it is recommended to stop the choice on models with tropical flowers. In the first case, the image is perfectly complemented by leather accessories, and in the second - a thin belt and patent leather shoes.
Classic Trench Coats
Light spring cloaks do not go out of their fashion - on sunny, but still cool days, they will be an excellent substitute for jackets or coats. Preference is best given to classic shades - from cream and pink to ivory. Trench models are diverse and allow you to wear them with dresses, skirts, pants or shorts.
Evening dresses
In the spring, it is time for romantic acquaintances and dates, which will require evening gowns. Lightness and lightness are in fashion this season, so preference should be given to the finest lace of pastel shades or dark and black colors - depending on the figure.

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Fashion trends of spring 2014

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Fashion trends of spring 2014

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