Extra Virgin - what does this inscription mean on a bottle of oil

Extra virgin oil

Olive oil - the most valuable food product, which contains a large amount of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. Scientists argue that their regular consumption of food contributes to the activation of the cleaning processes in the body, reduces cholesterol and thereby prevents the development of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.
However, it should be borne in mind that not all olive oil has such properties. The fact is that today there are various technologies for its production, including those in the process of which olive raw materials are subjected to heating, chemicals and other factors that significantly reduce the usefulness of the finished product.
Therefore, in order to be able to distinguish between the varieties of olive oil created using different technologies, special names have been developed in the international community of manufacturers for each of them.So, the cheapest and low-quality oil is made from their oilcake olives, which have once been pressed: it is usually denoted by the label "Pomace olive oil". Refined oil, designated “Refined”, is subjected to additional chemical cleaning, so that it can be used for frying, but it loses some of its beneficial properties. The most high-quality and healthy olive oil made from olives by the method of the first cold-pressing is called “Virgin”: in the process of its production, the raw materials are never heated above 27 ° C.
At the same time, the label “Extra virgin” is assigned to those grades of oil of the category “Virgin” that satisfy the strict expert requirements for the acidity of the finished product: the acid content in olive oil of the variety “Extra virgin” should not exceed 1%. Some companies, famous for their particularly stringent requirements for the quality of the oil they make, set the maximum acidity of the oil at 0.8%.

Varieties of Extra Virgin oil

However, Extra virgin oils may also differ. So, on the label of such oil you can see the mention that it is single-sorted or blend: this means that such oil is made from olives of the same or different varieties, respectively.In this case, the best oil category “Extra virgin” is considered a product labeled D.O.P. (denominacion de origen protegida). This marking is used to designate a product produced in a particular region, and in this case the oil is squeezed out directly at the place of gathering of olives, which are not exposed to damage during transportation.

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Extra Virgin - what does this inscription mean on a bottle of oil

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