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Electronic cigarette: harm or good

Smoker with experience is very difficult to sharply abandon addiction. This requires great willpower or ... the help of special tools. Plasters, gum, candy - all these things provide a person with the necessary dose of nicotine. But do not eliminate the psychological dependence of the presence of cigarettes in the mouth.

What is an electronic cigarette

Externally, an electronic cigarette is very similar to a regular one. Inside it is a small battery and a steam generator, and at the end of the LED, imitating tobacco smoldering.
A person takes a puff, the steam generator begins to produce steam containing nicotine. A smoker feels the same way as when smoking a regular cigarette. The difference is that the coolness and hardness of the metal.
Depending on the filter, you can choose strong or light cigarettes, traditional or with different flavors. For people who actively quit smoking, there are nicotine-free filters.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

When switching to electronic cigarettes, the smoker improves his health.A person feels tastes and smells brighter, gets rid of the smell of tobacco and shortness of breath. It becomes easier for him to breathe, get up in the morning. The skin ceases to be rough and the teeth turn less yellow.
The advantage of electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes is that they contain only nicotine, without harmful tar, impurities and burning products.
A big plus for smokers is the ability to smoke indoors, because the smoke emanating from an electronic cigarette does not smell at all. However, this does not apply to public places.

Harm of electronic cigarettes

The idea of ​​the harmlessness of an electronic cigarette can provoke a person to smoke more frequently. In the end, it will not be possible to save money or give up the habit.
Electronic cigarettes are not subject to certification, so there is a chance of running into a fake. Such devices can cause great harm to health.
The fluid in the cartridge contains propylene glycol. It can cause allergies in humans, and in severe cases, even block breathing.
As a result, we can conclude that e-cigarettes are much safer compared to regular ones, but they are not completely safe by themselves.They have not been thoroughly studied and not tested.
If you decide to buy an electronic cigarette in order to get rid of addiction, purchase nicotine-free cartridges.

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Electronic cigarette: harm or good

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