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Effective moisturizing for all skin types.

Effective moisturizing for all skin types.

Librederm hyaluronic moisturizer for face bought by accident. When buying drugs in a pharmacy drew attention to the pretty strict bottle of dark blue. Attracted the composition and quite affordable price.
The packaging turned out to be very convenient - the bottle is equipped with a dispenser that dispenses the desired portion of the product. The cream is very delicate, airy, in texture resembles a light mousse. As part of no harmful additives. Particularly pleased that the cream is absolutely odorless - for those who are irritated by perfumes, it fits perfectly.
I apply the cream in the morning and evening on the pre-cleansed skin.It is absorbed instantly, the skin immediately becomes surprisingly delicate, just silky to the touch. The cream is suitable for express moisturizing of lips, eyelids, neck, hands. Make-up can be applied on top of the product - the tonal cream and powder lie on a moisturized skin very well.
Very good moisturizes the skin.
Suitable as a base for makeup.

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Effective moisturizing for all skin types

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Effective moisturizing for all skin types

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