Street Food Japan - A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine Compilation

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Delicious cuisine

Delicious cuisine

Rested in this sanatorium two years ago. I don’t know, maybe something has changed since then, but then the situation and the repairs left much to be desired. The railings are bent, the floor is chipped, from the time of the “scoop”, the shabby walls in some places are only part of the “splendor” that we were able to see.
The medical staff is quite good, they do their work responsibly, and the holidaymakers are very friendly. The kitchen of the sanatorium is also good. Cooked hearty and tasty. Soups and borscht rich, with pieces of meat, main dishes had a good homemade taste. Compote, tea - everything is impeccable. The dishes in the dining room are new, not broken.
Old renovated, dull interior.
Good staff, delicious food.

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Delicious cuisine

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Delicious cuisine

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