Consciousness as a Radial Category

Consciousness as a category of being

The problematics and features of consciousness as a category of being

In philosophical teachings, being is defined as an objective reality that exists independently of human consciousness. At the same time, being includes not only material reality, but also the result of human creative thinking, which through the prism of its own world outlook and world view creates an intangible reality - a separate form of being. Thus, consciousness is a mental activity of a person, reflecting objective reality, i.e. being.
Consciousness as a person's ability to think and reason allows him to set goals and objectives, make choices, perceive incoming information from his point of view and draw appropriate conclusions, implement creative and creative activities. As a result of all these processes, the consciousness of man creates for him an individual reality - an objective being. The concept of "objective being" is associated with the sensory perception of the world.
Consciousness as a form of being can be individual and social. The main properties of consciousness are the following: idealistic, creativity, expediency, planning, awareness, controlled activity. The main feature of consciousness, which forms objective being, is the ability of a person to realize not only the surrounding reality, but also himself as an individuality.

Approaches to the study of consciousness as a category of being

There are two extreme scientific approaches to the problem of consciousness as a category of being:
- solipsism considers the consciousness of a person as the only authentic reality from his point of view, and the surrounding reality is considered as a result of the consciousness of the individual;
- physicalism defines consciousness as a product of being, and the independent existence of individual reality is denied.
There are the following directions of the definition of consciousness in relation to the category of being:
- the source of consciousness is the external material and spiritual world, reflected in the consciousness of man by certain sensual images;
- Consciousness is defined as the result of human perception of the sociocultural environment, forming the principles and aesthetic norms of a person;
- consciousness is identified with the inner spiritual world of man, i.e. defined as the sum of an individual’s unique experience.
- the source of consciousness is the informational space field, the link of which is consciousness.

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Consciousness as a category of being

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Consciousness as a category of being

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