5 Ways To Make FRENCH MANICURE Nail Art / DIY Ideas

Combined and French manicure

You will need
  • Choose the right manicure for you.
Combined manicure. It combines different primo. The cuticle is treated with scissors, then with forceps. At the same time using an emollient. Baths are used with various nourishing and healing oils. All these procedures help strengthen the nails and moisturize the hands.
To do this kind of manicure. It can be used by everyone.
The cost of the combined manicure is 650 rubles.
French manicure. Its feature is an unconventional nail coating. The main part of the nail is painted in pearlescent color. The edge is underlined with white lacquer. You can use silver and gold hue. The main thing may be not only pearl, all light shades will do.
To do this kind of manicure. This type of manicure is shown to people with thin oval-shaped nails, thin fingers. If you have a different hand shape, then a French manicure will shorten your fingers.
Manicure cost about 380 rubles.
With any kind of manicure there are dangerous moments. The most basic is infection. Ensure that new, sterile instruments are used in the cabin. Sign up for this procedure in advance and learn more about the wizard. Do not go to the first salon.

Video: Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER!

5 Ways To Get French Manicure Nails!
Combined and French manicure

Gelish French Manicure
Combined and French manicure

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