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Review addedApril 14, 2014authorKakProsto

Shampoo Oriflame "Milk and Honey"

Classic shampoo from Oriflame - "Milk and Honey"

Frankly, the choice of shampoos, I am pretty calm. The main thing for me is that the shampoo smells delicious and there are no side effects like dandruff.
Shampoo “Milk and Honey” from Oriflame bought together with the whole series (body scrub, cream, rinse), and I treat the whole series equally well. Very tasty natural aroma, beautiful color, standard volume of the bottle. Hair after use of the shampoo is pleasant to the touch, not greasy, rather soft.
Soaps are not very good, but many, even very expensive shampoos have this effect.
Tasty smell, pleasant texture.
Bad soap.

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oriflame milk & honey
Classic shampoo from Oriflame - Milk and honey

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