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�Castorama� is my favorite hypermarket

�Castorama� is my favorite hypermarket

�When I started repairing the room, the question was where to look for building materials. I needed to level the walls with a putty, apply liquid wallpaper, buy a plinth, etc. Friends advised Castorama building materials supermarket. One of the shops was very close to my house. The range of products was very large.
I found everything I needed - both a good putty and liquid wallpaper of the color that was suitable for the interior. In addition, there was a very large selection of products for home and garden in �Kastoram�. Then I came there for plastic furniture for the garden. And again she found everything she needed.
Huge selection of building materials, as well as products for the home and garden.
Only four stores in Moscow and the Moscow region, from some areas for too long to get.

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Castorama is my favorite hypermarket

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