Eye Capturing Eyelashes (Maddy & Ollie)

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Capturing the eyelashes

Capturing the eyelashes

I belong to the generation that found mascara in boxes, those that contained a briquette ink and a brush that looked more like a toothbrush. The briquette had to be moistened before use. Having spat, literally, on all possible rules of hygiene, all my girlfriends did it with the help of saliva. Horror of course. Yes, and the mascara on the basis of soap was far from perfect, spread and in contact with eyes caused very unpleasant sensations.
But times are changing, modern mascara is ready for use and, even if it is not waterproof, it will not spill out in black streams from tears or bad weather. And these figures are not even elite cosmetics, please note, if your mascara is not devoid of the effect of spreading - this is absolutely a waste product.
How to choose a mascara? Based on my own experience obtained by trial and error, I will describe how the mascara should look, which will help you to emphasize your beauty. Firstly, all the attention is on the shelf life: everything is simple - the closer it is to the end, the worse the result is on the face. Secondly, the smell - it should not be too harsh, otherwise you can earn allergies or conjunctivitis (something in her smells like that!).
And last but not least, pay attention to the brush, more precisely, to the part of it that connects the bristles to the lid: do you have lumps of ink on it? Such a mascara will not last for a long time, it will leave lumps - all because of a loose tube.
Lengthens the eyelashes, making them more thick.
Lets make your eyes more expressive.
Can glue eyelashes.
Affects the health of eyelashes - from frequent use of mascara, they become thinner, become brittle.

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Capturing the eyelashes

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