The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head Bald

Research proposes that guys who make the bold decision of having a clean-shaven head look seem harder and more intense than others. A clean-shaven head look demonstrates predominance, specialist and the in-charge attitude of a man. Sounds like a fitting portrayal of Hollywood’s driving activity stars, Players and pop singers David Beckam, Kelly Slater, Tom Hardy Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. Their all clean shaved head look depicts them as a strong and tough Man.

Kings used to order their soldiers during their rule to shave their heads as a guarded measure to prevent foes from getting their hair in a close battle. From that point forward – a clean shaved head has turned into an image of hostility and sturdiness. It takes a lot from a man to show a shaved head to the world with confidence and poise. As per the exploration clarified underneath – folks with shaved heads are additionally observed as Thirteen percent more Powerful, taller and have more noteworthy administration potential than folks with a full head.

Why should I shave my head?

The most common issue faced by men all around the world after completing 40 years of age is baldness, whether we like it or not the skin slowly and gradually begins to loosen and the ultimate result is hair-fall. The most precious element of your look i.e. hair now cannot be relied upon to make an impression on the world, so what to do?

It is an old saying that “When you cannot fight them, join them”, man cannot fight the forces of nature and the changes it brings along. Therefore, it becomes imperative to find some other way to tackle hair fall issue faced by us, answer is quite simple go for the shaved-head look and rock it. There are plenty of reasons why we can and must go for the shaved-head look, few of them are listed below: –

  • No Maintenance-No hair means almost zero maintenance, no need to wait in the barber shop for hours or spend money on costly shampoos and conditioners. No need to spend hours and hours primping in front of the mirror to just to tackle messy hair.
  • Male pattern baldness– It is as embarrassing issue for thousands of male members of the society, it might occur due to various reasons such as gens, stress, hormonal imbalance, smoking, irregular sleep patterns etc.; therefore the best possible way to tackle this issue instantly is by shaving you head.
  • Confidence– Yes complete shaved head for sure will give you more confidence than your present look with visible bald spots. The new hair style when paired with right clothes will definitely give you a unique look for sure.
  • Age and Genetics-Whatever be the cause, be it growing age, genetics or hormonal imbalance the hair will fall leaving you with embarrassing baldness. Therefore, the shaved-head look is highly recommended for such people, not just to hide the baldness but to give them confidence to face the world with a sense of pride.
  • No Surgeries-Shaved-head look is very pocket friendly and saves a lot of precious time, which means you don’t need to spend money for hair transplant procedure and it also saves you from the complications that might arise from an operation.

Men should understand that these changes in the body are bound to happen and cannot be stopped, but instead of panicking   one should buy a good trimmer or razor and let go of this hair. The shaved head look hides all the factors related to hair fall. This is the most convenient, economical and low- maintenance look available in the market, further a person is saved from the complications of undergoing various hair transplants procedures.

Well the new generation is fearless and always eager to try out new things, similarly we must also learn to welcome changes in your lives, and instead of feeling ashamed of whom we are, we must strike back at life with an even cooler hair-look.  The shaved look should definitely give you confidence, courage and masculinity that we thought we had lost due to hair fall and other problems.

Is shaving my Head the best option?

It takes a lot of courage and strength for a man and a woman to shave his or her head. The Bald style became more famous in the nineties and has been followed by a lot of men even today. Men usually settle for this because of the male pattern baldness that may be experienced by then as they become to age. Other factors that may lead to this decision can be the head shape and size. Men with a melon shaped head do justice to this look and it suits them better than anyone else as after shaving the whole head is revealed. If the bald look does not suit you it is easy to grow them back and there is nothing to worry would take few months to grow the hair back but eventually you will be able to have the proper hair growth like the way it was earlier Women keep changing their hair styles as and when it is required. Men usually stick around a single hair style for a longer time period as compared to women.

Benefits of a Shaved look

  • Once you have shaved your head you will not have to worry about the grooming part. You will not have to take care of it and comb it regularly. If you have thin hair and choose not to shave your hair in that case it will be difficult for you to achieve the right look that may be desired by you.
  • You will save a lot of money if you choose to shave your head as you will not have to visit a barber frequently anymore. You will not have to worry about the fact that the barber may not help you get the desired look. Instead you will not have any hair to worry about and it would be easier for you to do it on your own.
  • With the full head shaved look all different facial beard styles suits. Be it a clean-shaven look or a full beard look it will all make you look more confident and smart.
  • Washing hair is a task. Managing long hair may be troublesome so you can help yourself with this by shaving your head and you will no longer have to wash your hair regularly as washing a clean-shaven head is far easier.
  • Shaving your head will make you look younger. The male pattern baldness will make you look older but shaving your head will make the whole look better. This will not only help with the problem of lesser hair growth but will also help you look more youthful.

How to look more confident with the shaved look

Every man whether consciously or sub- consciously likes to portray his masculinity to the world as that gives us a sense of confidence, but this is an art only a few are able to master. Most societies see hair as a sign of dominance and masculinity in male members, but as the age goes up with time a man struggles to keep his masculinity intact and often his confidence gets shattered. The truth is we cannot win a fight against mother-nature rather we must embrace these changes with pride, so instead of worrying about rescinding hair line or opting for expensive hair transplant procedures a man must simply try the new “clean-shave look”. Numerous studies and surveys has brought it before to the notice of the world that men who opted for clean shaved head and a pair of sharp dark coloured suit were found twice as dominant, intimidating and masculine than an ordinary man in suit.

Shaving your head is not as easy as it sounds and definitely every wise man will have second thoughts before going down this road. Men should bear in mind that hair has nothing to do with confidence or dominance, other factors such as facial expressions, oratory skills, ability to express thoughts etc., play a very vital role as well. Men should keep a note of these following points to successfully carry-off the shaved-head look and to settle an unforgettable impression on people.

  • Trim/shave hair regularly so as to avoid the shabby uneven growth on the head. Evenly moisturise the head with a good moisturiser so as to maintain good shine.
  • A beard increases the overall sharp look that is desired by a man who has chosen the clean-shaved head look, even a simple moustache would also do the job.
  • For a formal event any dark coloured, tailor made suits paired with leather shoes will increase the aura ten-folds and for other events white t-shirt and a simple leather jacket would suffice to bring out the best in you.
  • The most crucial point for every man who wants to pull-off the shaved head look is that he should build up some muscles, hit the gym and gain some muscles.  

Know all men that confidence is the key to look smart, a decent personality paired with good clothes will definitely help you achieve your desires and goal.

Best Ways to shave your head


Shaving with Razors: (Time- 0.46 Mins)


  • Shaving your head while taking a hot water bath is the best option. One must clean the head and brush the hair while a hot water bath as the hair is soft at this point of time. (Time- 0.10 Mins)
  • Then trim your hair to stubble with a clipper and apply some after shave or some oil to settle the follicles and make them soft.
  • Then take a razor with minimum two blades and apply some shaving foam or a conditioner on the head. (Time- 0.37 Mins)
  • Then start shaving in the direction opposite to the normal growth. (Time- 1.38 Mins)
  • Take the help of the mirror and clean all the possible areas around the ears and the neck so that nothing is missed. (Time- 2.20 Mins)
  • After shaving use a balm or a moisturizer and check that there is no razor bumps.
  • You can treat razor bumps by applying some antiseptic solutions.


Shaving with clippers: (Time- 0.28 Mins)


  • You have to first decide with what do you want to shave off your head. If you are using a clipper then you will have to follow these steps.
  • Divide the head into five or six parts and start shaving taking one part in consideration first at a time. (Time- 0.30 Mins)
  • From the top take the clipper towards the backward direction. While covering the back and the neck take the clipper towards the front and the sides especially behind the ears. (Time- 1.40 Mins)
  • Take a mirror for closer look and start clipping the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Slowly you have to cover all the six parts of the head.
  • Once you are done clipping the hair you must oil the head or apply some lotion to smoothen the head and the skin.


Shaving with a straight Razor: (Time- 0.50)


  • While using a straight razor you have to be very careful. This is a difficult method to shave off your head.
  • Clean your head first, wash your hair and rinse it properly. Then with the help of a pair of scissors chop off the extra hair that is not required.
  • Apply some shaving foam or a shaving cream to soften the hair then in the reverse direction start shaving the head. (Time- 0.45 Mins)
  • You will have to follow small patches while you are doing this so as to avoid any kind of razor bumps. (Time- 1.06 Mins)
  • Clean the straight razor every time you shave some hair in a single stroke.
  • After you are done shaving you will have to use an antiseptic solution or an after shave to avoid any kind of infections.
  • Apply some balm or a lotion that will help the skin from any redness.


If you decide to shave your head it is not a bad option. Shaving your head completely will help you look younger and better. It is a trend that has been followed recently by a lot of Men these days. You have to identify the reason behind doing so as shaving your head completely takes a lot of courage and effort. People who may be suffering from male pattern baldness, genetic issues, age factor etc that is not helping them get the right look that they have always desired for. Then this clean shaved head look would be the best option for them.

It would in future also save a lot of effort and maintenance that is put in by people to take proper care of their hair. Saving money should also be kept in mind as the regular barber visits would stop. You can actually feel confident after shaving and can also accessorise the look with bandanas etc that will help you with the cool look that you always wanted.

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