How to find your exact BRA size? | உங்கள் BRA வின் சரியான அளவை தெரிந்து கொள்வது எப்படி?

Before buying a bra: determining the exact size of the breast

Before you buy the bra you like, first of all measure the volume of your chest with a centimeter, passing it under your chest and arms down. When receiving an odd number, give preference to a larger bra (compared to the result). If the number is odd, it almost always corresponds to the exact volume, but depending on your physique it can also vary in a smaller or larger direction. Then measure the circumference of the chest, exhaling and putting a centimeter at the most prominent points. Subtract the volume of the chest from the result and divide the total by 6. The figure that you will have will be the size of your bust.Breast measurements should be performed on bare skin, otherwise you will get the wrong result.
Also, when choosing a bra, you should not forget about the adjacent sizes - they can be a great solution if the laundry sits beautifully, but not perfect. Remember that the size of the bra cup is conditional, especially the myth that the cup size D is the same for all models, regardless of size, and that cup A is universal for all owners of small breasts.
A cup of bra is always proportional to its volume, and its size is directly related to the volume of the breast. Also try to avoid stores where the range of bras is significantly limited, because there they can sell you a model that is available but not suitable for you.
When choosing a bra, be sure to pay attention to certain nuances. Thus, the gap between the body and the band surrounding your chest under the cups of linen should not exceed two fingers in width. In a quality bra, the fabric near the armpits and from the cups does not stick out, and its bones, with the right choice, will point exactly to the middle of the armpits. The strip of fabric between the cups should not cut into the skin and must adhere to the skin tightly enough, and the chest should not fall out of the bra cups, even with a strong tilt.When selecting underwear in the online store, try to choose a service with a flexible system of return of goods that did not fit.
In some women, both breasts may have a different shape and size - in this case, you should choose a bra especially carefully. So, if you own a small, barely protruding bust, choose a balconette bra or a model with soft cups. You should also avoid bras with deep, hard cups. Owners of large or noticeably sagging breasts with a narrow base, should prefer a model of underwear with bones and divided cups that fit the bust well and lift it. At the same time bras with soft cups for women with curvaceous forms are strictly contraindicated, because they will not give a big breast a beautiful shape and will not support it as comfortable as possible.

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How To Measure Your Bra Size
Before buying a bra: determining the exact size of the breast

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