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Bedfly Karbofos: useful tips for use

How karbofos acts on bedbugs

Karbofos - is an effective remedy for bedbugs, which is included in the group of insecticides. Usually this drug is available in bags of 30 and 60 grams. It has a rather unpleasant odor, which can be eliminated only after airing the room.
Karbofos kills not only adults, but also bug larvae. Also, as a result of the use of the drug, bedbug eggs will suffer. When applying karbofos, eggs are burned with active compounds. As a result, the bug larva is no longer viable.

Preparation of the room for processing

Before you treat the room with this tool, you need to remove hygiene items and dishes and cover them with a thick cloth or plastic wrap. Furniture is better to move to free passage to the wall.
Self should also be protected by special means.You must wear a protective gown and goggles, special gloves and a respirator. Concentrated karbofos extremely toxic. So use it with caution. The working solution is recommended to be applied immediately after its preparation. People and pets should not be in the treated room.

Proper use of karbofos

To begin, the concentrated product should be diluted with a liter of water in an amount of from 2 to 5 ml. Then the solution should be thoroughly mixed. For spraying karbofos you can use a spray. First, it is better to process the baseboards, back and inner surfaces of the furniture.
On surfaces that absorb moisture well, the drug consumption is recommended to be slightly increased. By the way, bedbugs often choose an unpainted wood surface as a habitat. Under no circumstances should karbofos be applied to a person’s body, clothes or bedding.
After completing the treatment of the room, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. As for working clothes, it is better to wash it in water with the addition of baking soda.Then you need to thoroughly ventilate the room so that the smell of the poisonous substance will completely disappear. The duration of the airing is not less than four hours.

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Bedfly Karbofos: useful tips for use

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Bedfly Karbofos: useful tips for use

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