FDA approves First Direct-acting Antiviral treatments for Children with HCV

Antiviral drugs for children

Antiviral drugs that should not be given to children

Often, the seller in a pharmacy may recommend (unknowingly or mistakenly) a drug for adults that does not suit the child at all. These medicines have various contraindications and can cause side effects in the child. Thus, they can not only not bring relief, but also harm the children's body. Therefore, it is best to consult with your local pediatrician.
Remember, children are absolutely contraindicated the following therapeutic drugs:
- highly toxic drugs "Tiloron" ("Tilaxin", "Lavomax", "Amiksin");
- “Bromhexin”, “Ambrohexal” and other wet-dissolving cough medicines (should not be given to babies);
- antiviral drugs, as well as immunomodulators that have not undergone proper clinical trials.
Such products are not considered safe. The most common ones are: Cycloferon, Timogen, Proteflazid, Polyoxidonium, Panavir, Neovir, Licopid, Isoprinosine, Groprinosin.

What antiviral drugs can be given to a child

With severe flu, two groups of drugs will be most effective: M-channel blockers (for example, Remantadin, Amantadine) and neuraminidase inhibitors (Tamiflu, Relenza).
In case of bronchitis in infants, it is recommended to use inhaled ribavirin. For children with heart problems and a weakened body, apply "Synagis".
The following drugs are considered to be the most effective drugs for treating flu in children:
- Relenza;
- Tamiflu (allowed for children 1 year and older);
- “Arbidol” (allowed to take children over 3 years old);
- pills for SARS and flu "Kagocel" (can be taken for children from 3 years);
- “Remantandin”, which helps to cope with the flu at an early stage, but it is not effective with ARVI and should not be given to children under 7 years old;
- "Interferon", which is used to prepare the solution (can be used at any age);
- “Interferon alpha 2b”, or “Viferon” (candles used rectally, can be used at any age);
- the antiviral homeopathic preparations “Oscillococcinum”, “Aflubin”, “Anaferon” are truly safe, but their effectiveness is questioned by doctors.
In addition, Nimesulide, Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol are used as non-steroidal antipyretics. There are many negative reviews about some of these drugs among doctors. Some doctors do not advise them to give children, and some only such drugs and prescribe. For example, earlier “Aspirin” was used to reduce the temperature in children, but now many doctors do not recommend it because it has many side effects and is not safe for a child.

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Antiviral drugs for children

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Antiviral drugs for children

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