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Advantages and characteristics of semi-commercial linoleum

Relatively recently, the so-called “semi-commercial linoleum” appeared on the Russian market, which by its characteristics lies between commercial (otherwise, technical) and household linoleum. This material quickly gained popularity. What are its advantages?

Semi-commercial linoleum - "golden mean"

Each type of linoleum has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, the main advantage of commercial (that is, technical) linoleum is its high wear resistance and hardness of the outer layer, so it is spread in industrial premises or in public buildings, where there are many visitors. By durability and resistance to abrasion, commercial linoleum is close to such finishing materials as marble and ceramic tile. It is very difficult to ignite, and when burning does not emit harmful substances hazardous to the respiratory system.It would seem that this is the ideal type of coverage for any room, including residential! But this is not the case. Commercial homogeneous linoleum has disadvantages.
It should be noted that such linoleum is heavy, it is also not easy to lay. In addition, it is quite expensive, that is, not all people can afford. In addition, commercial linoleum, as a rule, has no pattern, and in most cases is painted monotonously, uniformly. It is ideal for industrial and office space.
Household linoleum is easy, relatively cheap, and its installation does not cause difficulties even for an inexperienced master. In addition, the patterns and colors of household linoleum, as a rule, are beautiful and varied. Therefore, they can lay the floor in any living space, not only in the hallway or kitchen, but also in the living room, children's room, bedroom. But its wear resistance is very low, and cuts, scratches, dents can easily appear on the surface, which spoils the appearance of the floor. That is why it is not suitable for industrial premises.
Semi-commercial linoleum is the classic "middle ground" between these two types of flooring. In terms of technical characteristics, it is close to commercial, and in terms of weight, cost, and ease of installation, it is domestic. That is, we can say that this is the same household linoleum, beautiful and easy to handle, but much more durable and wear-resistant. Therefore, it can be successfully used for covering floors in offices, classrooms, health care facilities, education, catering and other buildings with medium traffic, and in residential buildings.
The fears of some people that synthetic flooring emit harmful substances are unfounded.Modern types of linoleum, produced in strict accordance with the technological regulations, are considered safe.

Characteristics of semi-commercial linoleum

A square meter of semi-commercial linoleum weighs from 2.0 to 2.5 kilograms. For comparison: the weight of household linoleum of the same area ranges from 1.2 to 1.8 kilograms. This synthetic coating consists of three layers: sound and heat insulating, decorative and protective.
The first layer in the form of a “substrate” of foamed polyvinyl chloride, in contrast to household linoleum, is also reinforced with fiberglass. Due to this, increases the strength of the finished product, as well as increases its resistance to stretching. The decorative layer of linoleum can be anything - monotonously colored, multicolored, imitating precious woods, ceramic tiles or ornamental stone (for example, marble), with an ornament in the form of geometric figures, etc. The variety is extremely large.
The third layer of linoleum - protective. The name speaks for itself. Thanks to this layer, the linoleum pattern is protected from damage. In everyday linoleum there is also such a layer, but in a semi-commercial it is much thicker (from 0.4 to 0.6 millimeters). Therefore, semi-commercial linoleum lasts much longer, it is relatively easy to make it.
If you want the coating to last as long as possible, you need to purchase linoleum with a maximum thickness of the protective layer - 0.6 mm.If the main thing for you is sound insulation and heat saving, choose linoleum with maximum substrate thickness.
Beautiful, comfortable and inexpensive semi-commercial linoleum quickly became a popular flooring. The demand for it is constantly growing.Such linoleum is produced in rolls with a width of 1.5 to 5.0 meters. Products of German manufacturers enjoy a high reputation. It can be bought at an average price of about 300-400 rubles per square meter. A cheaper purchase option is to purchase semi-commercial linoleum made by companies from Russia or Eastern Europe.

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Advantages and characteristics of semi-commercial linoleum

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