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Documentary series "Cats can not love"

Charming cats in the TV series "Cats can not love"

As a big fan of documentaries about the wildlife produced by the BBC and the owner of two cats, I watch the series “You Can't Love No More Cats” with interest and pleasure.
The series is not only about cats, but rather about the myths and legends around these animals, about the relationship between cats and people, about different breeds that exist in different parts of the world.
Interesting shot. Everything is told very simply and unobtrusively. In general, like most BBC documentaries, a great thing to watch for children and adults.
Fine shot.
Lots of interesting information about cats.

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ADORABLE Cats showing love to their Owners will make your heart Melting - Cute cat Videos
Adorable cats in the series Cats can not love

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Adorable cats in the series Cats can not love

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