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A burdock with selenium helped my hair

A burdock with selenium helped my hair

Burr oil advised me to get burdock oil “Mirra” with selenium. After numerous dyeing and curling, the hair became dull, the tips were cut. Urgent restoration was required. Burdock oil and selenium could bring hair in order, so it was worth a try.
Using the product is simple. Once a week I do a wrap, putting oil on my hair and wrapping it in plastic wrap, and then in a terry towel. After an hour, the compress can be washed off with a mild shampoo. A couple of times a month I make masks with an egg, where I also add oil.
After the procedures, the hair shines, looks more healthy and lush. They have changed to the touch - now the strands are soft and smooth.However, the product has a minus - the oil is quite difficult to wash off the hair, you have to wash your head several times, and then rinse with herbal decoction.
Well restores dull and split hair.
Low price.
It is hardly washed off from hair.

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A burdock with selenium helped my hair

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A burdock with selenium helped my hair

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