4 surprising ways to increase your willpower

5 tips for developing willpower


  1. Sleep more than 6 hours.Recent studies in the field of neuropsychology and cognitive science suggest that if a person sleeps for less than 6 hours, his brain practically stops being responsible for the departments that work to develop willpower and long-term memory. In addition, lack of sleep helps to reduce the overall tone of the body, and also adversely affects the development of willpower.
  2. Do the meditation.First of all, understand that meditation is not something esoteric, but, on the contrary, a phenomenon that is sufficiently adapted to the introduction into our daily life, which allows us to improve our will power, the ability to focus and be conscious. Enough to doonly 5-10 minutes a dayin order to change your mind and train your volitional qualities. Meditation also allows us to increase the "gray matter" in our brain and provide a strong connection between neurons, which also affects the maintenance of a productive lifestyle.
  3. Use your energy resources efficiently.It is proved that in the first half of the day people are more productive and receptive to information, therefore it is necessary to use this time as efficiently as possible to prepare for school, study new data, assimilate difficult elements. In no case do not start your morning with abundant use of social networks, studying various sites, because, as a rule, it will not bring you any benefit, but, on the contrary, will weaken the body. Remember that willpower trains only during periods of productive work on yourself.
  4. The stricter you feel about yourself, the more scary the possibility that you will constantly repeat your mistakes.Therefore, the next time you break the diet or do not complete your plan to the end, just accept this fact as a given. No need to punish yourself, adding even more psychological stress. Just relax and learn to understand how your body works and what you need to do in order to build relationships with it.
  5. Constantly motivate yourself.Read the biographies of famous people, create your own ideals and go to them, no matter what. And then you can develop your willpower by becoming a more organized and effective person.Form in your mind sober attitudes regarding your lifestyle, work and study and stick to them throughout the day.

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How to Boost Your Willpower 600%
5 tips for developing willpower

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