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5 recipes easy canape for children and adults


Canape with cheese and grapes

This is a classic and very easy-to-use recipe for canapés - with cheese and grapes, where the sweet and salty taste of the ingredients is successfully combined. On a toothpick or skewer, chop a square piece of cheese about 2x2 cm and one grape.

Cheese is better to take hard or semi-soft, not very salty varieties (Gouda, Cheddar, Eden, Russian, Dutch, etc.) or blue cheese (Gorgonzola, Roquefort, etc.).

Grapes can be used both white and black, but it is better to use seedless varieties. These slightly ascetic-looking canapes should be supplemented with walnuts, a slice of lemon, aromatic herbs (for example, tarragon), a slice of juicy fruit (mango, peach, pear).

Canapes with salami and olives

The graceful look and juicy, refined taste of this canape conceals in itself considerable calories. But for a festive reception this combination is just right.Cut the dried baguette into squares or circles about 2 cm thick. From above, put a thick layer of cottage cheese cheese, put a sprig of dill. Cut salami into thin, long oval circles. Put a sausage and two olives on the skewer as shown in the photo. Put the whole structure on the bread.

Monkey Canape

Such a cheerful execution of canapes will surely diversify the feast, and cheerful faces of monkeys will be a great addition to the children's menu for a birthday party.

To create this mini-masterpiece you will need the most uncomplicated products. White bread or loaf. Take bread thick, not crumbling. Otherwise, your sandwiches will fall at the most crucial moment. Also in your arsenal there should be one pickled cucumber of medium size, two or three sausages (preferably half-smoked and boiled beforehand), two processed cheeses or 100 g of Gouda cheese. A bit of mayonnaise, skewers or toothpicks, as well as a glass or a special round mold for cutting cookies and canapés.

The basis of the sandwich is bread, smeared with mayonnaise, then a layer of cheese, then a circle of sausages for the muzzle. Place it in the middle and slightly below.Put two halves of the sausage circles on the sides - these will be monkey ears. On the top between the “ears” there is a square of cucumber as the top of the muzzle. With mayonnaise, draw on the cucumber eyes and mouth on the sausage circle. Stick a skewer in the middle. Your canapes are ready to go into the mouth of the young, hungry guests.

Fruit canapes "ships" with pineapple for the children's table

Another recipe for young mischievous pranksters, which to "cheer" will disperse at the children's birthday. You will need pineapple rings. You can take canned, fresh or dried. The choice will be yours. You will also need a fresh banana (1-2 pieces, depending on the number of canapés) and marmalade. On a circle or oval of a banana with a height of 2 cm, place a slice of marmalade, pin a half of a pineapple ring on top with a skewer. Fruit canape ready.

Chocolate canapes with biscuit for children

The love of children for chocolate is difficult to dispute. Therefore, small cakes on skewers will be most welcome at the festive table for the child. And tasty, and your hands will remain clean. Pierce the biscuit squares (3x3 cm) with a toothpick or a special skewer (the latter is preferable).Dip in the melted dark or white chocolate, cool. Top with a thin stream of chocolate of the opposite color (dark - white, white - dark). Set to freeze in the cold. Children will thank you for such a treat.

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5 recipes easy canape for children and adults

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